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We Offer a Wide Range of Gentle Dental Services

Our modern equipment and extensive training in the latest dentistry practices allow us to offer our patients an efficient and comfortable experience. Our dental services range from typical dental check-ups, tooth cleanings, and cavity filling to more complicated dental procedures like root canals and general oral surgery.

Dr. Poole and his staff are trained in the latest techniques in dentistry. We offer dental care for the entire family (including kids as young as 2!). Please contact us if you have any questions about our services and treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth Whitening for a brighter smile – William Poole Local Lancaster Dentist

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Services in Lancaster, PA In our dental office, we provide Zoom teeth whitening services for maximum results. In ...
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Dental Tooth Sealant Lancaster, Ephrata, New Holland - William Poole

Tooth Sealants

What Are Dental Sealants (Tooth Sealants)? Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings that are painted on the chewing surface of ...
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Tooth Extraction near Leola, Ephrata, Lancaster, New Holland – William Poole DDS

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions in Lancaster, PA (Tooth Removal) Unfortunately, not every tooth can be saved. When a tooth needs to be ...
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Single Tooth Spot Anesthesia For Comfortable Dental Care – Lancaster PA

Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA)

Comfortable & Convenient When appropriate, we utilize an anesthesia system that is very different than the traditional dental syringe. The ...
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Same-Day Dental Crowns

Do you need a dental crown, but don't want to go through the hassle of multiple visits to the dentist? ...
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Local Dentist For Root Canal – Leola PA – Dr William Poole

Root Canals

Root Canal Therapy in Lancaster, PA Through the years, root canal therapy has become a more comfortable and predictable procedure ...
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Preventative Dental Care helps keep dental costs low

Preventative Dental Care

Preventative Dental Care in Lancaster, PA In our office, prevention of dental diseases and discomfort takes a front row seat ...
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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Offer Instant Smile Enhancement Dental veneers in Lancaster, PA from Dr Poole can instantly correct various dental concerns, ...
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Periodontal Disease and Treatments

Many people have heard the term periodontal disease, but may not be aware of what it is or how it ...
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Pediatric Dental Care Close to Lancaster

Pediatric Dentistry

At our office, we treat people from 2 to 102! We see many children in our office and have vast ...
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Partial Denture for teeth – local service near lancaster

Partial Dentures

About Partial Dentures in Lancaster, PA There are two types of dentures: Complete dentures are utilized when all the patient's ...
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Bite Guard Dental Service

Occlusal or Bite Guards

Occlusal guards, also known as night guards, fit over the patient's top teeth and serve to protect the teeth from ...
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Dental Tooth Implants & Local Dental Services Near Me

Dental Implants

A Guide to Dental Implants in Lancaster, PA What are Tooth Implants? Within the last ten years, dental implants have ...
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Dental Fillings

At our office, we use multiple types of tooth-colored fillings to restore teeth after removing decay or after traumatic fractures ...
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Sports Mouth Guard Dental Service

Custom Athletic Mouthguards

With many of our patients participating in contact sports such as football, basketball, hockey and lacrosse, we fabricate custom fitting ...
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Same Day Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns and Fixed Bridges

An Explanation of Crowns (Caps) and Fixed Bridges: During the course of a lifetime, a tooth can undergo many different ...
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Details In Laymen Terms

Always a big, big positive when you’re healthcare providers take the time to lay out all your options with details in laymen terms. Sincere, polite and helpful staff.Less

– Greg W.

Emergency Crown Replacement

I am very grateful for the responsive manner for my emergency crown replacement today. Of all things we had very poor weather, I needed to catch a ride to the airport hotel, and my crown had popped off over the weekend. I called Dr. Poole’s office and they were very helpful to “fit me in”, today. Much thanks and appreciation!

Jeffrey G

Great Experience!

I had a great experience today. Dr Poole and Melissa did a wonderful job doing my crowns and filling. They are so friendly and very professional!

– Jennifer S.

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Common Dentistry Questions:

When should my child have their teeth sealed?
We recommend sealing at least the 6 and 12 year molars. They come in roughly around the ages the names suggest!
Can I have my teeth straightened without orthodontics?
With veneers or bonding, we can straighten the fronts of the teeth, resulting in a beautiful smile.
How can I prevent bad breath?
By practicing good oral hygiene (including flossing, brushing, tongue cleaning, and using oral rinses) and seeing your dentist regularly, you can greatly improve your breath.
Should I cover my toothbrush when storing it?
Putting a cover on a wet, used toothbrush can encourage bacterial growth and can actually be unhealthy.