Dental Fillings

At our office, we use multiple types of tooth-colored fillings to restore teeth after removing decay or after traumatic fractures.

We have a variety of different shades to provide a match to your natural dentition.

Composite resins are placed in one appointment. This material is bonded to the tooth structure by using a special liquid bonding agent and a dental curing light. It is precisely shaped to recreate your tooth to its original shape and function. Upon the final light-curing, your restoration is fully hardened and ready for use immediately after your appointment.

Glass ionomer is another tooth-colored restorative material used in our office. This material provides an excellent replacement of natural tooth structure. It chemically bonds to the tooth and has a continuous fluoride release that helps to prevent future decay around the restoration. We can polish this filling to closely resemble the lost tooth structure.

A Basic Overview of the Dental Filling Process

This entire process can usually be completed in about 30 minutes. 

Step One

The dentists will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the decayed tooth.

Step Two

The dentist uses a drill, air abrasion instrument or laser to remove the decayed area of the tooth.

Step Three

The dentist will probe the areas from where the decay was removed. Once determined that the full decayed area was removed, the dentist prepares the space by cleansing the area for bacteria and any debris.


Step Four

If the decay is near the root, the dentist will apply a glass ionomer liner or a composite resin in the cavity. This is finished and polished after the filling is completed.

Step Five

The dentist will apply the filling material in layers. A special light may be used to harden each layer of the filling.

Step Six

When the layering is complete, the dentist will shape the composite to achieve the desired effect.

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