Dental Crowns and Fixed Bridges

An Explanation of Crowns (Caps) and Fixed Bridges:

During the course of a lifetime, a tooth can undergo many different experiences that necessitate crowning, such as large fillings, extensive decay, congenitally misformed or discolored and traumatic episodes.

Fixed Dental Bridges

A crown can dramatically improve the appearance and strength of a damaged tooth by surrounding the entire tooth with tooth-colored porcelain or similar material. We use advanced shade matching technology to match the color size and shape of your surrounding teeth. This helps us provide you with a beautiful, long-lasting, natural smile. You can even get a crown in a day!

A Fixed Dental Bridge accomplishes the same tasks as a crown, but differs in that it is multiple crowns fused to one another. A bridge is beneficial in that it can aesthetically fill the space of a missing tooth and strengthening the surrounding teeth all at the same time.

How it Works

For our crown or fixed bridge appointments in Lancaster County, we need two appointments (with the exception of our same-day crowns). During the first appointment, the tooth is conservatively prepared for the restoration by slightly reducing the tooth. After this, a very accurate impression of your tooth is taken. Finally, a custom acrylic temporary crown is fabricated and cemented to the tooth to protect it until the second appointment.

Between one and three weeks later, the temporary crown is removed from the tooth. The tooth is gently cleaned and your custom crown is cemented over the preparation, restoring a beautiful, functional tooth.

Comfort & Convenience in 2 hours!

With our advanced technology, we are able to provide our patients with the convenience of same-day dental crowns and bridges. Watch this video to see how we create comfortable and custom crowns and bridges in approximately 2 hours right in our office!