Dental Implants

A Guide to Dental Implants in Lancaster, PA

What are Tooth Implants?

Within the last ten years, dental implants have become our top choice for tooth replacement. They are definitely increasing in popularity as their benefits are becoming well-known by the public.

A dental implant consists of three major parts.

  1. The Implant: Made of a specially coated titanium, your custom-fit implant is chosen to replace your missing tooth. By analyzing the space and bone available, we are able to choose the best implant for you.
  2. The Abutment: This is a customized post that is attached to the implant.
  3. The Crown: A custom crown is made to perfectly fit the space. It is cemented onto the abutment and replaces the missing tooth. We match the surrounding teeth to provide an aesthetic, well-functioning, tooth replacement.

In our office, we work in conjunction with oral surgeons to provide you with a highly successful outcome.

Dental implants are proven to be a highly successful, highly aesthetic tooth replacement.

Advantages of Dental Implants:
  • Improved appearance – No more gaps.
  • Improved feel – A more consistent bite and better chewing capabilities.
  • Permanence – Because the implants are fused to the bone, they are a permanent solution.
  • Improved speech – There is no slippage with implants so speech is not an issue as it can be with dentures.
  • Improved comfort – No hassle with removing and re-inserting dentures. Implants are part of you.
  • Much better chewing – You will enjoy eating without the worry of the effect on your dentures.
  • Self-confidence booster – It is amazing how people react to implants. The safety and security are usually a welcome relief.
  • Improved oral health – There is no need to reduce other teeth. This mean more of your teeth are left in place and intact.
  • Improved durability – Dental implants are extremely durable. With proper oral hygiene dental implants will last the rest of the patient’s life.
  • Improved convenience – Compared to dentures, the convenience factor ranks high on patient lists.
Who Can Receive Dental Implants?
Patients who are healthy enough to endure an extraction are generally healthy enough to have implants. There must be enough bine to secure the implant and the gums must be healthy. Patients receiving dental implants should be committed to ongoing oral hygiene.
Who Should Not Consider Dental Implants?

There are some patients that dentists may discourage from implants. Persons who smoke, who suffer chronic health disorders, like heart disease or diabetes should consult with the dentist and reveal a complete medical history. Likewise, persons who have undergone radiation therapy to the head and neck area may not be suitable candidates.

On the whole, if you are healthy enough for dental implants, you can look forward to a life of oral comfort.


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