Zoom Whitening

Teeth Whitening

The whitening products in our office are supplied by Phillips Healthcare. We use the Zoom for in-office whitening to provide maximum results. In a 1-hour treatment, we average up to eight shades of improvement in the color of your teeth, with yellowish-brownish teeth yielding the best results.

Along with the in-office Zoom, we offer two take-home options for whitening. The first is the Zoom Day White home whitening. Custom fitting trays are made and the gel is applied for various time periods depending on the strength of Zoom.

The second is the Zoom Pen. The whitening liquid is easily brushed onto the teeth and off you go. This is an ideal option for a quick smile brightening or touch-up before a night out or an important meeting at the office.

As with all whitening procedures, results vary patient to patient.

Talking Points About Tooth Whitening:

  • Whitening for yellowish teeth is very effective.
  • Whitening of brownish teeth works, but not as noticeably as with yellow teeth.
  • Grayish teeth may not be affected by whitening.
  • For patients with bonding or who have tooth-colored fillings in the front teeth, whitening is not recommended.
  • Whitening often improves self esteem.
  • Whitening does not provide any oral health benefit.

Ask us about the best way to determine what whitening method is best suited for you and your pocketbook.

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